Petite Earrings

From: €139

Trophy jewelry in its finest form. Feminine but not cute. Show off your passion for hunting with these classical stud earrings made from a cast replica of a rifle casing.

Available in 925 Sterling Silver or 18K gold, one size fits all.

The silver earrings come with 8mm extra wide backings for extra support.

The gold earrings come with “alpha” super secure backings.

    • 99 €


the PETITE necklace – Trophy jewelry for the passionate huntress

“They need to fit under the ear protectors when you are hunting!” -That was one of the thoughts that passed through Paula’s mind when she did the initial sketches for the PETITE collection and the Petite earrings. She needed something that could be worn everyday, everywhere, and the design with the thin chain, the classical stud earrings and the sleek charm was born. The name “PETITE” sums this collection of trophy jewelry up perfectly.

gold or silver

The PETITE earrings are available in both 925 Sterling Silver and 18K Gold. The gold we use has a beautiful warm tone that is very popular all over the world.

available in most calibers and brands

Choose between most ammunition brands and the most common calibers, or send us your own casing and we will make a cast replica of that specific casing. By using your own casings, you get your personalized “Trophy Jewelry”. memories of special hunts you can carry with you at all times.

the petite collection

The PETITE earrings have friends!  There is a bracelet as well as a necklace to go with the earrings.
See the bracelet here
See the necklace here